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Gold scammers are back, says Washington State Patrol – KIRO 7 News Seattle

By meerna Jun12,2024

According to the Washington State Patrol, gold scammers are back in town.

On Tuesday, police officer C. Thorson sent a fraud warning to drivers.

In 2021, Gary Horcher reported similar situations in Tumwater, and in 2023, scammers attacked again.

Well-dressed people in high-end rental cars accost drivers on the sides of the highway or on ramps, claiming they need gas money to get home. They say they will refund the person more and/or give them gold jewelry in exchange for cash. It is usually an aggressive conversation and they demand cash to help them.

In the latest case, people associated with a gray truck on Interstate 182 near King City in Pasco waved traffic back while pretending they were having car trouble.

The Washington State Patrol responded, seized the counterfeit jewelry and advised that it was passing on the charges.

If you have been a victim, please contact the Washington State Patrol at 509-249-6742 and quote reference number 23-017971.

By meerna

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