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The Washington Wizards and Mystics celebrate new baskets at Barcroft Elementary

By meerna Jun12,2024

Arlington Elementary School celebrated a major upgrade to its basketball court this week thanks to a local father and several professional sports teams.

Washington Wizards and Mystics mascots joined a crowd of third, fourth and fifth grade students on Monday to celebrate the installation of four new basketball hoops at Barcroft Elementary School. The hoops, courtesy of the Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation, replaced deteriorating equipment from the 1960s.

“Parents were involved in maintaining (Arlington Public School), mystics, wizards,” Barcroft principal Judy Apostolico-Buck told ARLnow. “I think it tells kids, ‘You matter.’ We want you to have nice things.’”

It all started with Alex Brosseau, the father of a Barcroft fourth grader who is “very into basketball.” Earlier this year, he reached out to the MSE Foundation, which provides grants to nonprofits in the DC area.

“I just sent a cold email and it was well received,” he told ARLnow.

MSE Foundation chief executive Liz Pace said when she saw photos of the old hoops – which she described as “really worn out” – she wanted to help.

“They reached out. We had the financial resources,” she said. “We want to give back to the community as much as we can… We are a member of the community and we want to try to leave it in a better place than when we came here.”

The hoop ceremony was held during field day at Barcroft Elementary. Students cheered as the mascots cut the ribbon and shot baskets as part of the day’s celebration.

“Being able to provide (kids) the opportunity to cultivate a basketball community spirit is something we’re very excited about today,” said Caroline Williams-Kee, Wizards fan development coordinator.

Brosseau hopes his story can serve as a lesson to others.

“It’s a reminder to me that resources are available if you just ask,” he said.

By meerna

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