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The Seattle Seahawks are moving away from Pete Carroll’s policy and announcing a joint training session

By meerna Jun12,2024

Throughout the Pete Carroll era, the Seattle Seahawks opposed the idea of ​​holding joint preseason workouts.

Well, there’s a new coach in town, and the Seahawks will be training together during their first season under Mike Macdonald.

In a joint announcement (heh heh), the Seahawks and Tennessee Titans confirmed that there will be practices ahead of their Week 2 preseason game on Aug. 17.

“The Seahawks will travel to Nashville prior to their second preseason game, participating in two practices at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park,” the Seahawks press release read.

“Joint practices will be held on Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15, and then the Seahawks and Titans will face off in a preseason game on Saturday, August 17, starting at 4 p.m. ET.”

I don’t remember the last time the Seahawks had anyone practice together before Pete, but here’s what Carroll had to say last year about why he didn’t practice together:

“I think the way we do it, we have better control of the practice,” Carroll told the Seattle Times. “Look how hard we competed against each other the other day. Moreover, we value pre-season matches. We use pre-season games. I’ve done exercises like this before, but we feel like we can focus and not do the things we need to do.”

Carroll also added that “several teams” have asked to practice with Seattle over the years, but of course the Seahawks have never agreed.

As always, we’ll be on the lookout for any skirmishes that often arise during these joint training sessions, but the main theme is that Seattle is looking for ways to operate differently than we’re used to.

By meerna

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