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The latest on the Detroit Lions’ pursuit of Jake Bates in NFL free agency

By meerna Jun12,2024

After news broke earlier in the day that the Detroit Lions had requested a free agent visit from UFL star and Michigan Panthers kicker Jake Bates, we now have an update on the situation between the two teams.

Aaron Wilson of reported that the Lions were one of four teams to request Bates’ visit, along with the Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and Washington Commanders.

Now, Dave Birkett and Jared Ramsey of the Detroit Free Press report that a visit between Bates and the Lions took place on Tuesday, with Bates scheduled to meet with other teams before making a decision. However, it is unclear when exactly these meetings will take place.

Michigan Panthers kicker Jake Bates visited the Lions, but it didn’t work out for him after his UFL season ended. Before deciding to sign a contract, he is scheduled to visit the Washington Commanders and Green Bay Packers.

Detroit’s interest in Bates, who took the football world by storm after making several successful field goals in the 2024 campaign, has been known for months after being reported in March after Bates scored a 64-yarder earlier in the season.

The Lions currently have a kicker competition between veteran Michael Badgley and undrafted rookie James Turner, who has beaten Badgley more than once this offseason.

Adding Bates makes sense given the relative uncertainty both Lions kickers bring, as well as Detroit’s desire to have a kicker who can score from long range, something Badgley struggles with.

However, it’s clearly not a done deal for Detroit due to competition from at least three other teams.

By meerna

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