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The infamous Charger Hellcat owner continues to terrorize the streets of Seattle despite an $80,000 fine

By meerna Jun12,2024

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Nothing seems to stop “The Hellcat of Belltown” owner Miles Hudson before burning out and wreaking havoc in and around Seattle. Seattle Nov 13 reports that tire tracks and social media posts over the weekend confirm that Hudson’s Charger Hellcat is still a nuisance.

Even though local law enforcement officers did not leave him alone, he was charged with two counts of dangerous driving and over $80,000 fine, Hudson’s Hellcat keeps backfiring, doing donuts and burning out all over town. If you think he can’t be that brave, you’re right. Even looking at all this and continuing his behavior, Hudson doesn’t seem like that This stupid. As Fox 13 explained, he can still drive and post content using a little-known loophole.

Hudson appears to be taking advantage of a legal loophole by claiming that he is not the one behind the wheel of his car. One of his latest videos suggests he’s moving his Hellcat from Seattle to new neighborhoods.

NSFW language below:

His most recent Instagram post from July 9 on the social media shows a group of masked people at the top of a parking lot with what appears to be another Charger Hellcat, a Challenger and an unknown fourth vehicle. The group fights a shooting war using gel ball guns; the video switches to them racing each other in cars while filming before ending. Fox 13 located the parking lot at a local Westfield shopping center and found tire tracks indicating that cars had been parked there.

It is not yet known what else the city can do. Hudson’s mother maintains that he no longer has a car, even though social media posts suggest otherwise. The court order and penalties do not appear to discourage him from discontinuing his activities. It seems that the next logical step would be to arrest Hudson and seize his car. And it looks like the city authorities are considering it. A June 10 statement from the Seattle City Attorney’s Office to Fox 13 said the office is “looking at what more it can do.” It makes you wonder why his car wasn’t confiscated in the first place.

By meerna

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