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Key new features are coming to Apple’s iOS18 this fall

By meerna Jun12,2024

At Monday’s developer conference, Apple announced a slew of new features for iOS 18, many of which aim to improve its Siri assistant and bring artificial intelligence tools to iPhone users.

The AI-powered updates coming this fall are expected to enable the billions of people using the company’s devices to get more done in less time, while also giving them access to creative tools that can bring work to life. Apple, for example, will deploy artificial intelligence to allow people to create emojis called “Genmojis” on the fly to match the mood they’re trying to convey.

The full set of upcoming AI features will only work on the latest iPhone 15 lineup as these features require advanced processors. But there are still plenty of updates for all iPhone owners.

Here are some of the best new features coming to iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence.

Scheduled texts, tapping and RCS

Apple has confirmed that it will implement a technology called Rich Communications Service (RCS) in its iMessage app. The technology should improve the quality and security of text messages between iPhones and Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

In another upcoming change to the iPhone messaging app, users will be able to compose an SMS (or have it composed using an AI tool) in advance and schedule a specific time for it to be sent automatically.

Apple is also introducing a series of animated clicks to allow users to instantly reply with any emoji or sticker, bringing the app’s capabilities to those of other messaging platforms like Google Chat or WhatsApp.

AI tools and data privacy

Apple’s new artificial intelligence platform, called “Apple Intelligence,” will use Siri to perform cross-app actions and expand the assistant’s capabilities. AI can also help manage and prioritize notifications and summarize text in search results, emails and other applications. There will be features to help you write text and change its tone, similar to other popular AI gen platforms.

However, the technology company is trying to convince consumers that the iPhone will not be used to spy on them. Apple leverages its chip technology so that most AI-based features are handled on the device itself rather than in remote data centers, often called “the cloud,” so user data remains local.

When Apple users request the AI ​​to require processing power beyond what’s available on the device, the tasks will be performed by what the company calls a “private cloud” designed to protect their personal data.

More options for customizing your screen and control center

iPhone users will have more options for organizing apps, resizing home screen icons and widgets when iOS 18 arrives. There will also be a new Dark Mode look and dim effect for further customization.

Control Center has also been redesigned to give users one-touch access to more features and the ability to add some third-party app options to it, such as remote car start.

Collecting passwords

All Apple platforms – iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision Pro – will receive a new dedicated Passwords app.

The new app allows you to access all your passwords in one place, including Wi-Fi passwords, and also allows you to access some authentication tools. Apple also says the app will notify you when certain passwords have been compromised.

By meerna

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