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Norton Healthcare Administrative Fellowship Program | Louisville, Ky.

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The Norton Healthcare Administration Fellows program is designed for postgraduate students who wish to pursue a meaningful career in healthcare administration. The two-year program puts you on a path of significant career development through performance improvement projects, strategic planning and leadership exposure. Choose one of these two songs:

  • Norton Health System: This track provides access to our entire health system, which includes nine hospitals and a comprehensive group of employed physicians.
  • Norton Medical Group: This track focuses on our health care system’s medical group, consisting of more than 2,000 employed providers and more than 370 primary care and specialty offices.

Other key features of the community:

  • Individualized professional and leadership development resulting from the implementation of a detailed leadership development plan
  • Directly lead excellence teams that drive value across the Norton Healthcare system
  • End of high-level rotation in areas including Norton Healthcare
  • Networking opportunities to develop professional relationships with senior leaders in your area of ​​interest
  • Direct leadership experience by interviewing, organizing, mentoring, and guiding interns during the Norton Healthcare Summer Internship Program, as well as recruiting for the Norton Healthcare Administrative Fellows Program

Master’s degree required. Applications must be submitted by October 1 each year.

To apply, visit this link and select “Residency & Fellowships” or visit NortonHealthcareCareer.comm.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

Norton Healthcare System Administrative Fellowship

With a Norton Healthcare Administrative Fellowship, you’ll be able to participate in large, high-impact projects that directly benefit the organization. You will gain exposure to leadership and be directly involved in executive meetings, initiatives, and other strategic issues that offer a greater understanding of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing a large health care system. You will experience:

  • Professional and leadership development
  • Direct leadership of teams including Performance Excellence and Norton Healthcare Summer Interns
  • Performance certifications including the Norton Healthcare Performance Excellence Green Belt and Trainer Green Belt
  • Liaise with hospital, medical group and system leadership
  • Networking opportunities

Previous positions of system employees:

  • System director for operations in the emergency department
  • Vice President of Facility Operations/Finance
  • Clinical effectiveness coordinator
  • Director of Clinical Effectiveness
  • Manager, preventive and wellness services

The most important features of previous projects of System members:

  • The emergency department referral process for chest pain
  • Louisville’s Economic Strategic Plan
  • System implementation and optimization of learning and development
  • COVID-19 Clinical Command and Testing Center
  • Chargemaster multiplier
  • Lactation Home Services at Norton West Louisville Hospital

Norton Medical Group Administrative Fellowship

The Norton Medical Group fellowship track has been carefully designed to provide fellows with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within a large medical group. Through immersive experiences alongside Norton Healthcare leaders, fellows gain insight into countless aspects of healthcare delivery.

Fellows have direct contact with management staff, including the administrative director and vice presidents for systems. With 27 different rotations spanning various departments and functions, fellows receive a diverse and comprehensive training experience during their first year. During 27 rotations, fellows engage in high-level projects and contribute to key initiatives, shaping the future of health care delivery. The second year allows for a deeper immersion as fellows choose areas of interest and contribute to projects or temporary leadership roles.

Design work:

Norton Medical Group’s administrative staff engages in hands-on collaboration with leaders across the organization, contributing to projects that drive innovation and improved healthcare delivery. These projects are designed to be mutually beneficial, supporting fellows’ professional development while furthering Norton Healthcare’s mission of providing exceptional care to our community.

Professional development:

Fellows report to the Vice President of Operations, who provides guidance, support and feedback throughout the fellowship journey. Fellows are encouraged to develop relationships with other leaders at Norton Healthcare. These relationships create strong connections to the organization and our community, facilitating meaningful professional development. Additionally, fellows have access to countless opportunities for professional networking, orientation meetings, and continued educational development within Norton Healthcare and the community.

Highlights of previous Norton Medical Group project participants:

  • Management of a respiratory disease research center
  • Interim practice manager
  • An integrated drug refill program was implemented in electronic health records
  • Telehealth optimization in Clarus
  • Social work consultation line
  • Strategic development strategy for the pediatric forensic medicine department
  • Centralized recruitment process for support positions
  • Surgical policy for five hospitals for DNV accreditation
  • Founding of the Norton Arm & Hand Institute
  • Accredited Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship
  • Opening of a comprehensive sports health campus
  • He created a clinical teaching facility for obstetrics and gynecology residents

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