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MPD’s ‘All Off Boyd’ campaign takes violent criminals off the streets | News

By meerna Jun12,2024

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Drugs, guns and money are what Memphis police have been able to get rid of from south Memphis neighborhoods by working with other agencies.

Police said officers targeted street gangs and illegal activity on Tate and Boyd streets with “Operation Code Zero.”

Memphis police have arrested 11 people involved in criminal activity that harms their community.

“These individuals and others, sometimes in crowds of 20 to 40 people, are completely taking over the block at Tate and Boyd, brandishing high-powered weapons, engaging in illegal drug activity and creating an atmosphere of chaos and fear. Over the past three years, we have responded to 340 calls in the Tate and Boyd area. Everything from disturbances, shots fired calls, purse calls, shots fired calls,” said Interim Police Chief CJ Davis.

Memphis police announced that the “Operation All of Boyd” gun and drug arrest and seizure is a more concentrated operation within the citywide “Operation Code Zero.”

Community members say progress can now be made if MPD takes responsibility for holding criminals accountable.

“The majority of the gang members arrested during Friday evening’s operation had various active arrest warrants and/or were suspected of committing multiple crimes over several months. The All Up the Blade Gang, known as AOB, were the main employees of the Focus Gang. The title of this operation was quite appropriate. All on Boyd Street. There were approximately 140 people involved in the operation, led by these individuals,” Davis said.

According to Memphis police officials, 13 handguns were seized, two of which were reported stolen.

Officers also confiscated two rifles.

They also seized 3.7 pounds of marijuana, 12.4 grams of methamphetamine and 429 ecstasy pills.

Nearly five thousand dollars was also taken as evidence.

“And this is just an example of what crimes drugs and weapons constitute. “You know, to me, each of these weapons represents the potential to have a victim in our community,” Davis said.

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