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Jacksonville Jaguars 2024 safety roster: New additions and key players revealed

By meerna Jun12,2024

The Jaguars’ 2024 lineup has an emphasis on safety, with a young core expected to protect the deep portions of the field, led by Andre Cisco and assisted by Antonio Johnson. The team aims to fill defensive gaps by adding players like Terrell Edmunds and Darnell Savage, emphasizing the mix of youth and experience in the secondary.

By the numbers

  • Andre Cisco: Contract – 4 years, $5,236,500. Cap hit of $3,408,091 in 2024. Age – 24. Games played – 47, statistics – 110 solo tackles, 7 interceptions.
  • Antonio Johnson: Contract – 4 years, $4,141,832. Cap hit of $990,458 in 2024. Age – 22. Games played – 13. Statistics – 17 total tackles, 2 interceptions.

Yes but

The Jaguars’ secondary, despite promising young talent, faces challenges due to its relative inexperience and the potential to be exploited by opposing teams due to the overall youth of the safety group.

Game status

  • Andre Cisco was expected to lead the safeties group thanks to his standout performance and key role in pass protection.
  • A mix of veteran players like Terrell Edmunds and emerging talent like Antonio Johnson provides depth and versatility to the safety room.
  • Antonio Johnson’s move to a defensive-heavy position creates an opportunity for the Jaguars to strengthen their defensive line.

What’s next

As the 2024 season unfolds, the Jaguars will be closely monitoring the performance of their safeties, particularly evaluating the development of young talent like Antonio Johnson to maintain a competitive edge in high school.

Bottom line

The Jaguars’ focus on youth and injecting talent at the safety position reflects a strategic approach to strengthening the defense, with key players such as Andre Cisco and Antonio Johnson expected to play key roles in shaping the team’s performance in the upcoming season.

By meerna

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