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Fireside with CEOs of GameSquare, FaZe

By meerna Jun12,2024

The edge of an IPO and Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association organized a fireside chat GameSquare Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: GAME) to discuss the booming esports industry, the impact of the merger with FaZe as the world’s largest gaming brand, and more. The event was attended by GameSquare CEO Lou Schwartz, CEO Justin Kenna and FaZe Esports CEO Erik Anderson, and was moderated by IPO Edge Editor-in-Chief Jarrett Banks and editor-in-chief John Jannarone in a video session lasting approximately 60 minutes, including Q&A with the audience.

Watch the replay: CLICK HERE

Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Kenna and Mr. Anderson discussed:

  • An overview of GameSquare and the dynamically developing e-sports industry

  • Impact of the merger with Faze, the largest gaming brand in the world

  • The importance of GAME technology assets and the impact on development

  • Growth and margin prospects in all business segments

  • Financial profile and potential for positive cash flow in the near future

More information about the companies can be found in the article GameSquare is taking steps to become the Dallas Cowboys of esports.

About Justin Kenn – CEO of GameSquare

Justin Kenna is a seasoned gaming and finance executive with a proven track record of growing successful organizations. Prior to joining GameSquare, Kenny’s financial prowess placed him at the epicenter of the rapidly evolving gaming industry as the CFO of FaZe Clan. Previously, the Australian executive held various accounting and accounting positions at the Big Four companies. He was CFO at Madison+Vine, a next-generation creative marketing studio, and for the last 17 years he has worked at Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Optimist Inc. and others.

About Lou Schwartz – President of GameSquare

Lou brings over two decades of experience building experience and leads leading global digital technology and media companies, including Founder and CEO of Multicast Media, CEO of Total Movie (UUX), and Chief Digital Officer of WWE. Lou is an internationally recognized speaker and expert in new media and monetization.

About Erik Anderson – head of FaZe Esports

Erik Anderson joined FaZe Clan in 2016 and previously served as Head of Esports. During his tenure at FaZe Clan, Mr. Anderson led all esports strategies resulting in 13 esports titles with over 40 world championships, and played a key role in brand operations. Prior to joining FaZe Clan and working in esports, Mr. Anderson worked in the music industry as part of a global talent management team. Mr. Anderson is a graduate of Princeton University and serves on the board of directors of the World Esports Association.

About GameSquare

GameSquare’s (NASDAQ:GAME) mission is to revolutionize the way game brands and publishers engage with hard-to-reach Gen Z, Gen Alpha and Millennial audiences. Our next-generation multimedia, entertainment and technology capabilities deliver compelling results for creators and maximize the ROI of our business partners. Through our purpose-built platform, we deliver award-winning marketing and creative services, offer leading data and analytics solutions, and drive awareness through Faze Clan, one of the most renowned and influential gaming organizations in the world. With the reach of our media network of 1 billion native digital consumers and creators, we are changing the landscape of digital media and immersive entertainment. GameSquare’s largest investors are Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the Goff family.


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