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Brian Thomas Jr is adapting to the NFL by breaking the mold

By meerna Jun12,2024

“Russell Gage, just me and him, we have the same coach and we just talk, and that was the first thing he said: just stick to the book.”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When an NFL team takes a player in the first round of the draft, fan expectations for that player are sky high. The Jaguars selected wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. in April. to 23rd place in the general classification.

It’s been less than two months since Brian Thomas Jr. he was called up to the Jaguars team, but he already gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from him this season.

Leaders and coaches say that although he doesn’t talk much, he is adapting well to the NFL.

Press Taylor, offensive coordinator, said: “We want more from him in terms of communication so we know what he thinks. «Does this make sense to you? How to convey this? ». Most of the time he just nods at you and goes out and does it right.

“My friends will probably tell you the opposite. They’ll probably tell me not to shut up. I’ve just been like that my whole life. I never get into anything super talkative. But that’s just me,” Brian Tomasz Jr. said.

BrianThomas Jr. he said the best advice he received when he was drafted was to get on the books as soon as he landed in Jacksonville, and that helped him.

“Russell Gage, just me and him, we have the same coach and we just talk, and that was the first thing he said, just stick to the plan and make sure I stay in shape. These were the two most important factors that he told me,” Tomasz Jr. said.

Thomas Jr. is well ahead of schedule, and his quarterback Trevor Lawrence said he’s impressed considering all the emotional moments that come with being a rookie.

“To see him come in here and pick it up and really not miss a beat has been impressive, and the more comfortable he gets in the system, the better he’s going to get,” Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence said.

“You find your way through work; you find yourself in the cafeteria. There’s so much new for these guys, you’re just trying to get them acclimated, and hopefully that will eventually take over a little bit more with him,” offensive coordinator Press Taylor said.

Offensive coordinator Press Taylor said that until Brian Thomas Jr. he will do his job, all he needs is a few words. Brian Thomas told us that he prioritizes mental rest and disconnecting from the game when he’s off the pitch. He also added that in time he will finally come out of his shell.

By meerna

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