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Baltimore Orioles Coby Mayo receives trade offer to three-time All-Star

By meerna Jun12,2024

Around Major League Baseball, it could be argued that there is no team in a better situation than the Baltimore Orioles. Loaded with the best young talent in the league, they look like a team that will continue to be successful for much of the next decade.

The Orioles also have one of the best, if not the best, farm system in baseball. While this allows them to trade for big league-ready talent, it also raises some questions they need to answer.

Want to compete now and in the future, where should customer service go? Do they feel comfortable trading off some of their top prospects for short-term success, or should they hope this window extends into the long term?

Windows shuts down faster than normally expected. That doesn’t mean that will be the case for Baltimore, but if they believe they can win the World Series this season, and all indications are that they can, then going for it might be a wise decision.

In the deal proposed by FanSided’s Zach Pressnell, that’s exactly what they would do. Pressnell came up with the idea that sent Coby Mayo and Max Wagner to St. Louis Cardinals for right-hander Sonny Gray.

The main focus of this deal will be Mayo, one of baseball’s top players.

“Coby Mayo, the No. 20 overall prospect in the MLB, is headlined by a deal with the Cardinals. He has game-changing potential, but the Orioles would have to work to find a spot for him to play every day at the big-league level. “The Orioles are so loaded that their top farm talent won’t even be guaranteed a spot on the big league roster because of young stars like Gunnar Henderson,” Pressnell wrote.

Mayo has been extremely impressive in Triple-A Norfolk’s 2024 season. The right-handed hitter is hitting .291/.359/.605 with 13 home runs in 172 at-bats.

Trading him would be difficult, but it’s also difficult to find a place for him to play at the big league level.

Gray has pitched well over the past three years, posting an ERA below 3.21 each season. He currently has a 3.21 ERA and 2.72 FIP this season, striking out 82 in 61 2/3 innings pitched.

Adding an arm or two should be a priority for the front office. Whether they want to move one of their top prospects is one thing, but the arm could help them achieve their goal of winning the World Series.

By meerna

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