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A former Dallas employee is suing Massage Envy for allegedly assaulting her during a meeting

By meerna Jun12,2024

A former longtime Massage Envy employee filed a lawsuit last week against the corporation, a Dallas franchise and a massage therapist for allegedly sexually assaulting her during a visit to the Uptown location and failing to follow internal discipline policies.

The plaintiff, identified in the lawsuit in RQ, alleged that fellow masseuse Tarence Harrison ignored her requests not to work on her legs, reached into her underwear to massage her butt after she asked him to stop, and consistently failed to arrange the sheets properly to make sure it is properly covered.

Harrison did not respond to a Monday phone call or text message seeking comment on the lawsuit.

RQ said that after she reported the incident to management, Harrison was given additional draping training instead of being fired. The complaint says Massage Envy’s “zero tolerance” policy requires employees to be fired and placed on an “ineligible for reemployment” list following alleged crimes.

The complaint also states that this was Harrison’s third draping training, which they say indicates previous problems with other customers.

After RQ raised concerns with senior management at Trinity Health Spa, a local franchisee, and stated that it planned to report the incident to the licensing board, an investigation into Harrison was initiated and he was fired. RQ seeks damages for mental anguish, emotional distress and psychological trauma caused by the incident.

“Instead of firing the therapist, the franchisee allowed him to continue working and have access to other women,” Anna Greenberg, an attorney for RQ, said in a statement. “You wonder how often this happens.”

The lawsuit also alleges a national pattern of behavior by Massage Envy that fails to properly enforce company policies.

Online court records have not yet listed an attorney for any of the three defendants.

By meerna

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