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Slog AM: Guilty plea in Ingraham High School shooting, Seattle Rep announces firings, UN Security Council approves ceasefire resolution

By meerna Jun11,2024

Good morning! The weather forecast for today is expected to be slightly drizzly in the morning and then sunny for the rest of the day. National Weather Service. High temperature around 67 degrees, but winds up to 21 mph, so maybe wear like a light jacket.

The prosecutor’s office accuses an off-duty security guard in connection with the death of a teenager: According to KING 5, 51-year-old Aaron Brown Myers faces second-degree murder charges after he allegedly shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Hazrat Ali Rohani. King County prosecutors had argued for a high bail for Myers because of his obsession with security guards. Apparently Myers had a habit of acting like a backup cop, and once even called the police on someone who was riding a bicycle with what Myers thought was a gun. Charging documents say Myers told officers he might have to shoot the person. As it turned out, the cyclist was holding part of the bike.

Tragic, Myers’ alleged obsession with fighting crime led to him allegedly shooting 17-year-old Rohani in a parking lot that Myers had chosen to observe “Overwatch.” According to surveillance footage, he allegedly shot Rohani seven times, even though Rohani raised his hands and slowly backed away. Prosecutors said they believed Myers’ “self-imposed ‘duty to intervene’ endangers public safety.” Washington, George Zimmerman.

15-year-old pleads guilty in 2022 Ingraham shooting: The boy who shot and killed another Ingraham High School student in November 2022 pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree murder, first-degree assault and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to a spokesman for the King County Prosecutor’s Office. The boy who pleaded guilty was 14 when he shot 17-year-old Ebenezer Haile five times. Under the settlement, the 15-year-old will stay in a rehabilitation center until he turns 21.

King County says it was a hit ignored “dozens, if not hundreds” of discrimination complaints between January 2022 and September 2023, according to Seattle times. The King County Office of Equity, Racial and Social Justice failed to respond to people who filed complaints of discrimination in the workplace, housing and businesses for more than a year. Apparently the office had some coordination issues and a generally untidy work environment. Ironically, the office may also have had some pay inequality issues.

Burger week begins! Unknown has partnered with 20 different restaurants, each offering $12 burger specials from now through Sunday, June 16. Megan wrote Unknown staff debate about their favorite burgers. I am one of the “polite Red Mill voters.”

Needling’s headline taken out of context:

Seattle Rep fired: As it seeks to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic and the end of federal aid for arts venues, Seattle’s representative plans to lay off and combine about 12% of its staff. The cuts affect large parts of the “arts, arts and public works departments,” he says Seattle times.

One apple a day keeps the artificial intelligence in good shape: Apple now says artificial intelligence means “Apple Intelligence.” LMAO. According to the World Wide Developers Conference, the company promised that it will start introducing more artificial intelligence into its devices Related press. Apple users who have downloaded the latest software update already have some of these new features. (I can’t say anything about this because I haven’t downloaded the latest update, not in protest, but because I’m deeply addicted to this technology and even 15 minutes of turning it off makes me physically ill.) Effectively, additional AI features after they just make Siri a little better at her job of checking the weather for the day and telling me the name of the guy I saw wearing that thing.

Israel kills 274 to save four: The Israel Defense Forces launched an operation Saturday to rescue four hostages, killing 274 Palestinians in the process. According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, many of the victims were Palestinian women and children the Washington Post Office. Number of deaths committed Post finally ask the question, is Israel “doing enough to protect civilians in its war against Hamas in Gaza?” The UN says Israel may have committed war crimes during the raid.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council approved a ceasefire resolution: The Security Council adopted its first ceasefire plan since the October 7 attacks in Israel launched intense airstrikes on Gaza. The United States has stated that Israel has accepted this plan (though Israeli officials may disagree) and now, according to Related press. Hamas seems interested. The three-phase plan aims to completely end the eight-month war.

Jury returned verdict in Hunter Biden’s gun case: Prosecutors accused the president’s son of possessing a gun while being a drug addict, which is an insanely stupid charge. The jury began deliberating on Monday, but she said the judge dismissed them after about an hour CBS News. I will update this post when they announce the verdict.

Baltimore Key Bridge shipping canal reopens: After nearly three months of cleanup, boats will be able to sail through the Port of Baltimore’s shipping channel again, according to the release. Baltimore sun. The canal has remained at least partially blocked since late March after a container ship struck the pier supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The disaster caused the bridge to collapse and kill six men who were filling holes in the bridge at the time.

Charlie XCX is falling Brat: : Charli XCX sounds like she had fun working on this album. Be happy that one of your most online friends is trying to pass the table at the next table.

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