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What’s your season? Color consultant shows how it works – NBC4 Washington

By meerna Jun12,2024

You’ve probably seen it on social media: color consultants showing you which colors look best on a person and what their “season” is. It’s a trend from the 80s that’s back.

News4 took a fun look at how Working 4 You works to help you save time, save money and look your best.

Tarcela Knight of House of Color said she started working as a color consultant while growing up in uniform. As she grew older, she continued to look for clothes she could wear again and again.

“We all want this uniform. We want it to be simple, grab and go – I have to get out the door. When you have it in the best colors, it becomes easy,” she said.

After each of her $375 consultations, clients leave with a book of swatches showing their best colors, as well as information on the best hair, makeup and jewelry colors for the season.

What is a color consultation?

Knight said she asks her clients to show up without makeup so she can see their skin in the natural light in her studio. In front of the mirror, she throws precisely dyed fabrics over their shoulders, one by one.

First, it determines whether someone has a more warm or cool complexion. Then it checks whether someone looks better in bright and colorful colors or in soft and mixed colors.

What are the benefits of knowing colors?

If you know your colors, you can look great and avoid wasting time, energy and money on things that don’t suit you.

“When you know your best colors, you eliminate all that noise,” said Knight, who is a military wife and mother of two children.

Here’s what News4’s Eun Yang learned during her color consultation

Knight placed different colored drapes over Eun’s shoulders, comparing cool colors with warm ones, looking at Eun’s face.

“I just want you to look at your face in the mirror,” Knight said.

Some colors were found to have a healthy glow; in others, shadows seemed to fall on her face.

“You look so young in this!” Knight was talking about bright green. The muted purple looked “casual,” and the deep plum looked “royal and expensive,” she said.

Knight stated that Eun is winter with cool tones and looks best in high contrast colors.

“These particular colors make my face expressive,” Eun said as she selected the colors she chose.

“I see you. You stand out. Look how rich your hair looks,” Knight said.

When someone knows their best colors, they can create a capsule wardrobe that suits them, Knight said.

“And look your best,” Eun added.

By meerna

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