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The Seattle Seahawks announce joint training with the Tennessee Titans

By meerna Jun12,2024

In another sign that a new regime has taken over in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Seahawks announced they will practice together against the Tennessee Titans before the two teams meet in the preseason on August 17.

Coach Mike Macdonald takes over the reins of legend Pete Carroll, marking another departure from the norm for the Seahawks, who have not participated in training camps together for the past 14 years due to Carroll’s personal preferences.

At the beginning of OTAs, when asked about the possibility of training together with his former mentor Jim Harbaugh, who took over as the Chargers’ head coach in January, Macdonald rejected the idea. As it turns out, however, his reaction was aimed specifically at practice against Harbaugh’s team, and not against one of the other two teams on the Seahawks’ preseason roster.

“Maybe ultimately,” Macdonald said at the time. “We won’t do it this year. It’ll be cool to see those guys, Jesse (Minter) and some of the other coaches we know. But yeah, it will be nice to go there and get some after that.”

Seattle will hit the road for Nashville early, arriving in time for two practices on Wednesday, Aug. 14 and Thursday, Aug. 15, before the day off before preseason play at Nissan Stadium. In doing so, Macdonald will have the opportunity to evaluate his new lineup against other NFL talent, with 11-on-11, 7-on-7 and 1-on-1 drills being part of the equation.

While common practices have led to on-field brawls in the past, such as former Rams linebacker Aaron Donald waving his helmet at a Bengals player during practice in August 2022. However, when done correctly, these practices provide excellent value for teams to start with, they can get good work on the field against starters from another team in a more controlled environment than in preseason competition, where first-team players often don’t see many snaps to avoid injury.

By meerna

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