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The Royals rallied from a 7-0 deficit to defeat Seattle on Friday, exactly 40 years earlier

By meerna Jun12,2024

This is a message for future generations.

As Major League Baseball sets its schedule for 2064, it is absolutely essential that the Seattle Mariners play the Royals in Kansas City on June 7 of this year.

And if you’re a Royals fan and somehow you’re reading this four decades from now, buy a ticket to the game, regardless of the forecast.

History tells us you won’t regret it.

Call it fate, déjà vu or amazing coincidence, but the Royals rallied from a 7-0 deficit at Kauffman Stadium to defeat the Seattle Mariners on Friday (June 7). Exactly 40 years earlier, the Royals lost to Seattle 7-0, but came back and won on June 7, 1984.

The forecast called for rain that night as well.

Is this weird or what?

In the 1984 game, Seattle scored three goals in the first inning and added four more in the third. George Brett hoped the heavens would open.

“The guys told us to finish the game. Just let it rain. Let’s get out of here, we don’t stand a chance,” Brett said after the match. “But after it was 7-5 in the fifth quarter, we knew we were going to win it. The feeling was there. We knew we would win.”

Baseball Reference shows that the Mariners had a 98% chance of winning the fifth inning of the 1984 game, but the Royals scored five runs after that. Seattle recovered in the sixth inning.

Frank White scored three runs on a Dave Beard homer, scoring Brett and Hal McRae, as the Royals scored four in the seventh inning to win 9-8. This unnerved starting pitcher Larry Gura.

White dinger came on with the score 1-2 and later told reporters he was hoping for a home run.

“When I got to the board, I said, ‘I’m going to be broke and try to take it to the wind,’” White said.

Catcher John Wathan said: “It’s hard to think about winning when you’re down seven runs in the third quarter. It was a good moment to win.”

A lead of seven in the third inning is not a recipe for success, but the Royals cruised to victory in similar fashion on Friday.

The Mariners jumped out to a 7-0 lead in the first inning and added a run in the fourth to go up eight. According to Baseball Reference, Seattle had a 99% chance of winning.

But the Royals scored four in the fourth, three in the sixth and three in the ninth to win 10-9. This unnerved starting pitcher Daniel Lynch IV.

And just like in that match exactly 40 years earlier, there was no rain until the royal team won.

So book now: the Royals-Mariners game on June 7, 2064 is going to be amazing.

By meerna

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