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The City of Charlotte Launches CLT+ Español

By meerna Jun12,2024

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The City of Charlotte has launched CLT+ Español, a mobile-friendly single source for service requests and information.

This is the Spanish version of the popular CLT+ application, offering the same features as the original version.

“The City of Charlotte is committed to supporting an inclusive community where every resident has access to the resources they need.” said Saira Estrada, Coordinator for Linguistic Access and Immigrant Integration. “The launch of CLT+ Español is a great step in making our city services more accessible by ensuring our Spanish-speaking residents have the same opportunities to connect and use city services.”

City staff worked with professional translators throughout the development process to ensure that the CLT+ Español update effectively met the needs of the Spanish-speaking community. As a result, CLT+ received official certification from Languex, a prestigious organization supported by the American Translators and Interpreters Association.

The app is a quick and convenient alternative to calling 3-1-1. Residents can apply for assistance directly to the appropriate city officials. Below is a list of sample requests:

  • Pay your water bill.
  • Bulky waste collection schedule.
  • Report a broken traffic light.
  • Please build a sidewalk.
  • Report a lost pet.

Spanish-speaking residents can easily start using the new app. If the resident has already downloaded the app, they will be notified that an updated version is available. If their primary language is set to Spanish, they will automatically start using CLT+ Español.

By meerna

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