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The CEO of the YMCA of Greater Seattle leads by example and learns to swim

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Loria Yeadon, CEO of YMCA Greater Seattle, is leading by example and learning to swim at the age of 55.

Seattle, Wash., June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As summer approaches in King County, the YMCA of Greater Seattle wants to assure you that water safety remains a priority. Every time we like to cool off in the water, the risk of drowning increases dramatically, whether in home swimming pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams or oceans. To set an example, YMCA CEO Loria Yeadon recently learned to swim at the age of 55, proving that there is never a bad time to prioritize water safety.

Growing up in a small town where swimming pools were not available to minorities put Loria and her siblings at a disadvantage. Today according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, African-American children ages 10 to 14 drown in swimming pools at a rate 7.6 times higher than Caucasian children, and for African-American children ages 5 to 9, the rate is 2.6 times higher than Caucasian children. Determined to make sure her past doesn’t dictate her future, Loria Yeadon she began learning to swim when she became CEO of the YMCA of Greater Seattle in 2019.

Loria notes that before her first swimming lesson she felt “innate anxiety and fear” and wondered what awaited her in the pool. Relief washed over her as she realized that her instructor was not only experienced, but also patient, guiding her step by step and facilitating the lessons until she felt “one with the water.” Learning to swim filled Loria with joy and passion for a new sport, but also raised the question of how to bring more equality to swimming while saving lives.

Taking on the role of CEO of the YMCA meant making swimming accessible to everyone. While the YMCA offers a variety of family activities, it remains a swimming and gym space. Known as “America’s Swimming Instructor,” the Y teaches thousands of children lifesaving water safety and swimming skills each year. By making swimming accessible, Loria hopes to help people learn to swim and overcome fear for themselves and everyone else.

During National Water Safety Month, the Y encourages parents to actively promote water safety and register their young people for Y swimming lessons.

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