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By meerna Jun12,2024

KsKrazyEats LLC, founded by Akira McGowan, will make its debut at the Juneteenth Foodways Festival. McGowan, who launched her business in 2019, shared her journey and excitement for the upcoming event.

McGowan started KsKrazyEats while bedridden during her pregnancy. With no source of income, she turned to her culinary skills, drawing on her Haitian and Cameroonian heritage to create unique dishes. “I just figured out the perfect source of cooking and I’m excellent at it,” she said.

The menu at KsKrazyEats reflects this mix of cultures and includes dishes such as oxtails and rice with beans, peppers, onions and spices. McGowan’s coleslaw with cranberries and almonds was also highly praised. “Coleslaw is a staple in my house,” McGowan said, adding that her version includes toasted almonds with brown sugar and butter for a bit of sweetness.

McGowan expressed her enthusiasm about participating in the Juneteenth Foodways Festival. “I’m incredibly excited. This is a jute 30th anniversary event and I am very excited to be able to be a commodity to the community,” she said. As a small business owner, going from a small kitchen to a major festival is a significant milestone. “It’s something different for me. It’s exciting. Definitely a moment to remember.”

When asked about the challenge of preparing enough food for the festival’s large crowd, McGowan confidently replied, “I’m fine.” Her dishes will include Haitian rice, spicy buttermilk marinated chicken and other Caribbean and African-inspired dishes.

McGowan takes pride in sharing her diverse culinary heritage. “I’m just grateful that I get to enjoy this diversity with you and share it with all of you,” she said. She stressed the importance of introducing diverse cuisines to the community, adding a touch of Caribbean and African flavors to the shared culinary scene.

Juneteenth Foodways Festival attendees can look forward to sampling McGowan’s vibrant and flavorful dishes, a testament to her passion and cultural roots.

By meerna

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