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Shannon Sharpe of the Baltimore Ravens has signed a new contract with ESPN

By meerna Jun12,2024

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Shannon Sharpe is one of the brightest stars in sports media today, and now he will have an even better platform to work with.

On Tuesday morning, ESPN announced that Sharpe had signed a multi-year contract with the network. Under the new deal, Sharpe will expand his role on the hugely popular series First attempt and other programs, although details of his role in this program will be announced later.

“Shannon Sharpe has been an incredible addition toFirst attemptteam, adding to the dynamic of the show with his engaging presence and insightful commentary,” David Roberts, director of event production and studios at ESPN, said in a press release. “Shannon’s chemistry with Stephen A. Smith elevated our debates and was another key reason First attempt it is the most important place for morning sports discussions.”

Sharpe was the first to join First attempt last August, following his highly publicized departure from FOX Sports 1’s Undisputed. He originally signed a contract only for the NFL season, but proved so popular that he signed an extension to stay. Now he has signed another contract, thanks to which he will become one of the main characters of the series.

“It has been a blessing to be a part of this family,” Sharpe said in a news release. “Anything related to coverage of ESPN, Stephen A. and First attempt, it was huge. I’m looking forward to expanding my role and showing more of the world what I have to offer. The show goes on!”

In addition to working for ESPN, Sharpe also hosts his own show Shay Shay Club a podcast that has over three million subscribers on YouTube. His interview with comedian Katt Williams became particularly popular, racking up over 70 million views on YouTube alone in less than six months.

Sharpe, 55, spent two seasons in Baltimore in 2000-2001. During that time, Hall of Fame players caught 140 passes for 1,621 yards and seven touchdowns. He also played a key role in the Ravens’ first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, catching six receptions for 230 yards and two touchdowns during the 2000 playoffs.

However, for most of Sharpe’s career as a member of the Denver Broncos, he wore blue and orange. During 12 seasons with the Broncos, he recorded 675 receptions for 8,439 yards and 55 touchdowns, which was the best result in franchise history.

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By meerna

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