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Parker Washington practices with more confidence in Year 2

By meerna Jun12,2024

When it comes to Jacksonville Jaguars winger Parker Washington, the consensus is: confident.

The Jaguars’ head coach and top offensive assistant spoke glowingly about the second-year receiver’s confidence after a strong offseason of training. Washington, now fully healthy after suffering injuries last season in college and then as a rookie, has been consistent on the field and impressed the two coaches he needs to impress the most.

“Parker is playing a lot more confidently. “I think he’s a lot healthier than he was last year when we got him,” Jaguars offensive coordinator Press Taylor said Tuesday.

“They don’t worry every time they interrupt the meeting, asking what I’m doing, where is my position, how is this route changing? Now he had heard it hundreds of times. So we call for fun, give the route, move it. He knows the expectations of a specific player in this particular concept, so now you can see his skills are starting to emerge. This self-confidence is an important thing. His confidence will continue to grow Last year the fire was moved to a few spots, a few plays were made, I think that definitely gives him confidence in the game. Continues playing.

“I think Parker shows confidence. “Confidence in his performance last year, understanding what it takes, watching Christian (Kirk),” Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said Monday.

“Once again we have another young player who came back in the right frame of mind and excited to get on the pitch. I think he’s another young player who is healthy now and moving very well. It’s nice to see that.”

Washington is currently enjoying his longest stretch of full health while with the Jaguars, with the sixth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft going down with an ankle injury late in his final season at Penn State.

Washington made his NFL debut in Week 4 last year, but suffered a knee injury during his first career return, which led to a short stay on IR. He returned later that year, averaging 37 snaps per game and scoring two touchdowns.

By meerna

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