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NFL analytics expert predicts 2024 Denver Broncos win total

By meerna Jun12,2024

However, the 2024 season marks a new beginning for the Denver Broncos as a franchise NFL Network predicts a worse year on the pitch.

The Broncos were one of five teams to take a quarterback in the top 12 of the 2024 NFL Draft with the Oregon team’s selection Because Nixa in 12th place after the resignation of Russell Wilson. However, there is little optimism about immediate success when a novice takes pictures.

NFL Network analytics expert Cynthia Frelund broke down each NFL team’s expected win total and had the Broncos in Vegas over/under six wins with just 5.7 wins. The start of the schedule isn’t in Denver’s favor in Frelund’s eyes.

“The Broncos’ first five opponents – all known either for their defense or for having defensive head coaches – are far from ideal matchups for a starting QB,” he writes.

Frelund’s silver lining idea is that Nix won’t know what life is like in the face of an easy schedule, as Denver’s team has featured an onslaught of difficult defenses all season.

“But maybe that’s a positive thing Because Nixa, should Sean Payton name him the starter, I won’t know anything else for comparison? In Seattle, against Pittsburgh, in Tampa, at the Jets, against Vegas – let’s talk about: warm welcome to the NFL. The Broncos then travel to Baltimore and Kansas City in Weeks 9 and 10. This is a bit difficult sledding to start my career.”

Plus, you’ll face Vegas and the Chiefs twice, as well as Jim Harbaugh’s new team in Los Angeles with Justin Herbert. Unless Nix goes gangbusters once he enters the NFL, it’s hard to project Denver to play a significant role in the AFC playoff race — and Cynthia Frelund certainly doesn’t expect that, given her projections for a total of five wins and seven tenths.

As part of her detailed breakdown of each NFL team’s projected winning total up to 100, Frelund also listed several current betting lines for each team. Here’s where the Broncos rank as a threat to Vegas.

  • Win total: below 6.0 (-135)
  • Make Playoffs: +475
  • Victory Division: +1600
  • Win the conference: +6000
  • Win the Super Bowl: +10000

Overall, Denver is among the lowest in the NFL in total wins over/under, and was ranked second in the league by Frelund’s measurements, trailing only the Patriots.

By meerna

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