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Memphis Bleek and Just Blaze reunite for their first collaboration in 20 years

By meerna Jun12,2024

Memphis Bleek and Just Blaze join forces once again for their first collaboration in almost 20 years.

On Monday (June 10), the Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram to announce that his new single “Durag Bleek” would be released on Friday (June 14).

In the caption, Bleek revealed that the song was produced by longtime collaborator Just Blaze. He also gave a nod to their Roc-A-Fella roots, using the hashtags “#RocSolid” and “Roc4Life.”

“Durag Bleek” will be the pair’s first musical release since 2005’s Bleek 534for which Blaze produced several tracks, including “Dear Summer” led by JAY-Z.

Just Blaze has played a key role in Memphis Bleek’s career, also producing songs from his previous albums in the 2000s Understanding and 2003 MADE

However, Bleek has also allowed the release of some classic JB beats over the years.

During the interview on Beverage masters Last year, the Marcy Projects resident opened up more about wanting to rap on some of the producer’s instruments before the band began recording with artists like Cam’ron, Joe Budden and Fabolous.

Referring to Cam’s “Oh Boy,” Bleek said, “I always want to beat the crap out of him for that (laughter). But I can’t, he’s my brother. I love him. Niggas tryin’ to say I missed “Oh Boy.” You’ve lost your mind to fucking “Oh Boy”. Get the fuck out of here. I’d hit you over the head with “Oh Boy.”

Memphis Bleek Recalls JAY-Z's Wild Fight Story: 'Hov Will Put His Knuckles on You'

Memphis Bleek Recalls JAY-Z’s Wild Fight Story: ‘Hov Will Put His Knuckles on You’

“I first had it when Cam’ron first tapped on it. Just like I never liked that he gave Budden “Pump It Up” too. Get the fuck out of here. Yo, nigga, you don’t give out crap like that. And I never liked that he gave Fab that other shit… “Breathe.” I was sick about it too.”

Meanwhile, Just Blaze appeared on the show People’s Party with Talib Kweli in 2022 and revealed that Memphis Bleek almost recorded a collaborative album with fellow Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Sigel.

“We went to Miami to record the album, and his brother was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident,” Blaze recalled. “Severe head injury, had to go to therapy for a long time and almost didn’t make it, so I feel like that kind of derailed the momentum of the whole thing.”

He continued: “Can you imagine what a Bleek and Beans album together would have achieved in 2002? When the accident happened, we were still trying to get through the album, but mentally I could see that his brother was in bad shape. So he had to deal with it, but he always persevered and kept pushing through.

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