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Kenny McIntosh looks to secure the RB3 role

By meerna Jun12,2024

Next week, the Seattle Seahawks will begin their mandatory mini training camp at the VMAC in less than two months, officially beginning their first season under new coach Mike Macdonald.

In preparation for the upcoming new season, we’ll be detailing each member of the Seahawks’ 90-man roster over the next few weeks, analyzing patterns, examining best- and worst-case scenarios, and predicting what to expect from each player’s entry into the 2024 campaign.

The Seahawks only have two NFL-leading running backs on their roster. Can Kenny McIntosh make up for last year’s lost season and be part of the equation in 2024?

McIntosh is certainly no stranger to winning. He was a big part of the Georgia Bulldogs’ successful run in 2021-2022 as the team won back-to-back championships. In the 2022 squad, he was one of the main defenders who helped Georgia repeat as champions. He ran for 829 yards and 10 touchdowns, including 120 total yards in two College Football Playoff games. The Florida native also threw a touchdown pass against Michigan in the 2021 CFP semifinals. He also showed proficiency in the passing game, especially in his senior year. In his final season in Athens, he caught 43 balls for 505 yards and two scores. McIntosh didn’t perform particularly well in the pre-draft, but his size and college accomplishments intrigued Seattle enough to select him in the seventh round.

A running back his size, with soft hands and a willingness to do whatever is asked of him will always have a place on the football team. He has been praised for his pass protection efforts, even if the skills themselves are not elite. His ability to get out of the backfield and wreak havoc in the passing game is appealing. This complements the roles and skills of Ken Walker III and Zach Charbonnet. Seattle has a solid advantage at running back. McIntosh could come in and be a permanent third-down option.

McIntosh showcases his skills as a pass protector and pass catcher before becoming the third running back on the depth chart. Provides a change of pace for two of Seattle’s best runners. In the passing game, he creates yards after the catch and becomes Geno Smith’s legal weapon out of the box.

March 5, 2023;  Indianapolis, IN, USA;  Georgia striker Kenny Mcintosh (RB16) during the NFL scout game at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Must-see: Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

March 5, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Georgia striker Kenny Mcintosh (RB16) during the NFL scout game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory: Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports / Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Injuries may be McIntosh’s biggest concern considering he was never injured last year and missed most of the season due to injury. Plus, there are a few undrafted runners looking to get third-place runners. Namely, his biggest threat seems to be George Holani from Boise State. He was a two-time 1,000-yard rusher with the Broncos in five seasons on the Blue Turf. In this scenario, Holani displays higher top speed and shot burst than McIntosh, and his skills are solid in the passing game. He’s ahead of McIntosh and is Seattle’s preferred third-round pick.

The upcoming season is essentially a pseudo-rookie year for McIntosh, considering he missed most of last year with a knee injury that occurred in a trial match last August. He should still be considered a third-string quarterback until proven otherwise. He will have a lot of carries in three pre-season games and looks out of the box. If the status quo remains, McIntosh will be the third to break away from the solid duo of Walker and Charbonnet.

By meerna

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