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Jon Pardi and the creators of “Your Heart Or Mine” commemorate No. 1 at a palace in Nashville

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Pictured (from left, back row): David DeVaul of Pinnacle Bank, Chris Schuler of Capitol Records Nashville, Lydia Cahill of SESAC, MaryAnn Keen of BMI, Missy Roberts of UMPG and Mike Sistad of ASCAP; (L-R, front row): Ron Cox of Studio Bank, Ryan Gore, Justin Ebach, Jon Pardi, Bart Butler and John Pierce. Photo: Larry McCormack for BMI

Members of the music community gathered to remember him Jon Pardisixth No. 1, “Your Heart Or Mine,” yesterday (June 10) at The Nashville Palace.

Capitol Records Nashville Artist and Ryan Gore co-producer of “Your Heart Or Mine” with Bart Butlerwho wrote the song with him Justin Ebach AND John Pierce. The song was included on Pardi’s latest studio album titled Mr. Saturday Nightand is a follow-up to another chart-topping song, “Last Night Lonely.”

With a shiny silver disco ball aloft, the rustic music venue exuded raucous energy as the five collaborators took their seats on stage. The ceremony organized by BMI, ASCAP and SESAC was preceded by a presentation by BMI Mary Ann Keen, who kicked off the event by welcoming the “Your Heart Or Mine” crew and sharing a few words about Pardi, Gore and Butler. Keen then introduced ASCAP Mike Sistadwho took the microphone to talk about Pierce and then handed it over to SESAC Lydia Schultz Cahill. After talking about Ebach, Cahill invited Pinnacle Bank David De Vaul present.

Then, presentations were made by both UMPG Nashville universities Mrs. Roberts and the event sponsor is Studio Bank’s Rox Cox. Cox said Studio Bank made a special donation to The Starlight Fund on behalf of the artist and songwriters. Created by Pardi and his wife, Summer, the Starlight Fund aims to support youth enrichment in trades, agriculture and construction.

The next presentation was prepared by Capitol Records Nashville’s label Chris Schuler before Gore took the floor to make his comments and express his gratitude. Butler, Ebach and Pierce then thanked everyone involved in the attack. Finally, Pardi took to the mic and thanked his record company for giving him creative freedom, as well as everyone at the event, his band, and anyone who had ever suggested a song to him – whether he recorded it or not.

“It’s always fun to celebrate a No. 1 song and it always means a lot to songwriters and publishers. That’s why I record songs that I wrote, and that’s why I record songs that I didn’t record, because I see how it affects everyone,” he said, adding: “I’m not done yet. I want more #1s, we can get more. I start writing in August, so send me the dates.”

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