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Jamie Edwards – Scoop: Nashville

By meerna Jun12,2024

Kayla Collier, 27, was involved in a domestic accident with her wife, Jamie Edwards, at their Ewing Drive residence around 10:02 p.m. on June 6. Edwards spoke to officers who arrived at the scene and told them that in the early evening she discovered that Collier had cheated on her, so she placed all of her clothes by the front door, which she locked, preventing her from entering with her keys. When Collier returned, Edwards saw her on the doorbell camera breaking down the door, sparking an argument in the hallway where Collier pushed her into the stairs. Collier then went to her bedroom, took two plants and threw them outside, breaking the pots. Edwards added that she responded by throwing Collier’s bag to the ground, at which point Collier punched her in the face and threw the doorbell into the nearby woods. Officers identified Collier as the primary aggressor and obtained a warrant for Collier’s arrest. Collier was arrested on June 7 for domestic assault.

By meerna

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