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Jaguar WR Parker Washington’s confidence is growing in Year 2

By meerna Jun12,2024

Parker Washington, winger, started 2023 slowly but started playing late in the season. Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Press Taylor said on the second day of mandatory minicamp that he sees a more confident Parker entering Class 2.

“Parker is definitely playing more confidently,” Taylor said when asked about the difference from last year in Washington. “I think he’s a lot healthier than last year when we got him. Everything slows down. These guys don’t worry every time they interrupt a meeting about what I’m doing, what my position is, how this tour will change if they play it now. He’s heard it 100 times.

“We give him the signal to play, we designate the route. We bring it up in different places. He knows the expectations for this particular player with this particular concept. Now you see the skill set starting to emerge. This self-confidence is an important thing. It will continue to develop. He stoked the fire last year, got moved to a few spots, made some plays, I think it definitely gives him confidence, but he’s still developing,” Taylor said.

Washington, a sixth-round pick in last year’s draft, had to overcome several hurdles to get into the game as a rookie. He was healthy at the beginning of the season and later was placed on injured reserve. The former Penn State Nittany Lions tight end returned in Week 11, but it wasn’t until Week 13 that he was seen for the first time, replacing Christian Kirk, who went down with a core injury.

Ultimately, Washington had 16 receptions for 132 yards and two touchdowns. While he mostly lines up, he has done enough to earn himself more reps this offseason. Judging by Taylor’s comments, it looks like he’s making the best of his opportunities. Here’s the Texas native talking to quarterback Mac Jones during the second day of mandatory minicamp.

As Press Taylor noted, Parker Washington was adjusting to the NFL last year. A better understanding of the offense and the things he needs to do will help him make a greater impact on the team next season.

Last year, the Jags had seven receivers. It’s unclear if they’ll keep that number of players in 2024, but Washington should have a good chance of making the team. Brian Thomas Jr., Gabe Davis and Christian Kirk, along with return specialist Devin Duvernay, are a sure bet. The remaining three/four places may be up for grabs. Washington will have to compete with fellow sophomore Elijah Cooks, fourth-year pro Tim Jones and undrafted free agent Joshua Cephus.

One thing that works in Washington’s favor is that he is the best slot in this group. Most of his snaps in 2023 were in the middle of the field, and that’s where he’ll most likely play next season. While Kirk is the team’s primary receiver, Washington should get a few targets from time to time.

Sometimes players need time to get up to speed. That seems to be the case with Parker Washington, who is poised for a bigger role in Year 2.

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