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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The United States Olympic Swim Team trials this month are a great way to get involved in the Circle City.

Enough helping hands will ensure a successful and smooth event.

“It’s this special sauce that makes Indianapolis so special when there are events in the city; they are actually our volunteers,” said Dan Gliot, senior director of the Indiana Sports Corp, a nonprofit organization that brings world-class sporting events to the state.

Indianapolis will host 1,000 athletes from across the country and more than 250,000 fans during the U.S. Swim Team Trials for the 2024 Olympic Games, which will require significant community support.

“We will have volunteers for USA Swimming Live at the Toyota Aqua Zone Convention Center. We have greeters at the airport, so when celebrities arrive, they will be welcomed,” Gliot said.

Indiana Sports Corp. plans to organize about 7,000 volunteer shifts from Sunday through June 23, and was urgently seeking additional help on Tuesday.

“At this time, we are still seeking assistance here for USA Swimming Live as well as at the Convention Center. Some retail stores where you can help sell all your equipment.

Additionally, city organizations are working to beautify Indianapolis by planting seasonal flowers and greenery on streets that will see heavy foot traffic.

Taylor Schaffer is president and CEO of Downtown Indy Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes the downtown area. Schaffer said of the beautification efforts: “As soon as someone walks into downtown Indianapolis, they know this is the place to see the Olympic swimming trials and the place that connects world-class athletes with the Paris Olympics.”

The Hoosier state is poised to make a big splash when Olympians are drafted to travel to Paris in 2024. “If you volunteer, you will earn an All Lanes Lead to Indy gold medal.” To get involved in volunteering, online registration is still open.

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