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How the Boston College men’s basketball roster is shaping up for the 2024-25 season

By meerna Jun12,2024

On Monday, the Boston College men’s basketball program added an additional hire for the upcoming 2024-25 season, Florida State assistant coach Steve Smith.

Smith, who is a conference veteran, worked with current Eagles head coach Earl Grant as an assistant coach at Clemson.

During his tenure with the Seminoles, Smith helped Florida State to an 87-65 overall record, including hitting .500 in ACC play for all but one season, won the 2019-20 ACC regular season championship and appeared in two NCAA Tournaments.

With the addition of Smith, the makeup of the men’s basketball program now looks like:

Head coach: Earl Grant

Assistant coaches: Steve Smith, Corey McCrae and Jim Molinari

Strength and conditioning trainer: Marc Proto


00 | Chas Kelley III | Junior | Guardian

1 | Dion Brown | Junior | Guardian

3 | Roger McFarlane | Graduate | Guardian

4 | Jack Di Donna | Second year | Guardian

5 | Fred Payne | Second year | Guardian

7 | Josh Beadle | Graduate | Guardian

8 | Kany Tchanda | Novice | Forward

10 | Luke Toews | Novice | Guardian

11 | Nick Petronio | Novice | Guardian

13 | Donald Hand Jr. | Second year | Guardian

20 | Ethan soars | Second year | Guardian

22 | Jayden Hastings | Redshirt freshman | Forward

31 | Elijah the Strong | Second year | Forward

32 |Chad Venning | Graduate | Forward/Center

About the BCCentral staff:

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By meerna

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