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How have gas prices changed in Louisville in the last week | Country

By meerna Jun12,2024

After a period of growth driven by seasonal travel demand and the deepening conflict in the Middle East, as well as the war in Ukraine, gasoline prices have declined slightly over the past week.

Prices are the same as last year at this time. AAA spokesman Andrew Gross said in a statement Thursday that drivers could already see a peak in gas prices ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

When it comes to the summer months, factors that could potentially drive higher gas prices include extreme heat, higher demand and storms. Hurricane season, which begins in June, could have an impact on gas station prices later on, and experts predict hurricane season will be particularly severe this year.

Stacker compiled gas price statistics for the Louisville metropolitan area (KY only) using data from AAA. Gas prices are current as of April 29.

Louisville in numbers

– Current gas price: $3.55

— Kentucky average: $3.38

– Weekly change: +0.23 USD (+6.9%)

– Year change: -0.21 USD (-5.7%)

– Historic Expensive Gas Price: $4.96 (6/7/22)

– Current diesel price: $3.75

– Weekly change: -0.04 USD (-1.0%)

– Year change: -0.25 USD (-6.4%)

– Historic expensive diesel price: $5.95 (20/06/22)

Metro with the most expensive gas

#1. Napa, CA: $5.66

#2. Salinas, CA: $5.65

#3. Santa Rosa, CA: $5.62

Metro with the cheapest gas

#1. Casper, WY: $2.88

#2. Amarillo, TX: $2.97

#3. Lawton, OK: $2.99

This story was written by Dom DiFurio and is part of a series using data automation at 371 subway stations.

By meerna

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