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Franklin Park Conservatory announces master renovation plan in Columbus, Ohio

By meerna Jun12,2024

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – One of Columbus’ most iconic landmarks has unveiled its master plan for renovation and development over the next quarter-century. The Franklin Park Conservatory says its “North Star Master Plan” will completely transform the visitor experience.

This transformation begins with visitors’ first steps into the botanical gardens by relocating the entrance to the conservatory to its most recognizable wing: the Grand Mallway and Palm House, which will also undergo significant modernization.

“The last time (when there was a renovation) it wasn’t even a renovation. Some work was done on the glass in the 1980s,” said Franklin Park Conservatory President and CEO Bruce Harkey. “This is a very important building, not only for the conservatory, but also for Columbus. It is one of only five Victorian glasshouses left in the country and as stewards of this organization we have a huge responsibility to preserve it and ensure its survival for the next generation, for the next 100 years or more.

In addition to the renovation projects, new structures will be built to create what the conservatory calls an “immersive garden experience.” This includes a new centralized underground car park and rooftop gardens, a new visitor center building with a restaurant and gift shop, and two new biomes that will house the Chihuly conservatory collection and the year-round butterfly experience.

“With all the major development coming to our region, we need to know that the population will continue to grow, and we want to ensure that the conservatory remains a vital and necessary resource for our community,” Harkey added.

There is no firm timeline for when the renovation will begin or a final price tag, but details are currently being finalized. For more information about the master plan and to see renderings, visit

By meerna

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