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Construction begins on Boston’s Boylston Street bike path; some drivers are not happy

By meerna Jun12,2024

BOSTON – Construction on ul bicycle path which will cover Boylston Street from Massachusetts Avenue to Arlington Street began on Sunday, and not everyone is happy about it.

“I think what’s really going to be a problem is that in a lot of areas you go from three lanes to two lanes and a lot of people are going to double-park,” said one man who was driving on Boylston Street on Tuesday. .

Boston begins construction of a new bike path on Boylston Street.

CBS Boston

Where is the Boylston Street bike path?

The project will include a dedicated bike lane on the south side of Boylston Street, from Massachusetts Avenue to Hereford Street. The cycle path then turns north from Hereford Street to Arlington Street. Starting from Ring Road, Boylston Street will also have a dedicated bus lane, limiting car traffic to just one lane between Ring Road and Dartmouth Street during peak hours.

“It’s a great solution for me. You know, I don’t have to avoid cars. I don’t have to worry about being hit,” the motorcyclist told WBZ-TV.

Some people say that a bike path makes no sense

Meg Mainzer-Cohen, president and executive director of the Back Bay Association, said the plan helps bus riders and cyclists at the expense of pedestrians and drivers.

“I’m concerned they’re not doing enough research on the impact this will have,” Mainzer-Cohen said. “Here’s what we know: We know there are 30,000 pedestrians crossing this intersection. There are approximately 13,000 vehicles in operation. There are about 625 bicycles and about 320 buses.

Who will be affected by the bike path?

Mainzer-Cohen noted that the plan also reduces pedestrian crossing times at some intersections. WBZ-TV timed the trip at the intersection of Berkley and Boylston streets and determined it was 17 seconds.

“I see seniors. I see people with disabilities. We should not shorten the time it takes for them to cross the street,” said Boston City Councilman Ed Flynn.

Flynn said Back Bay residents have not received enough input on the plan, which gets rid of about 90 parking spaces. He points to concerns expressed by some West Roxbury businesses about a project to build a bike path there.

“Long-time business owners say significant changes to Center Street are negatively impacting their businesses as well.”

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Mayor Michelle Wu’s office said the plan on Boylston Street would prevent cars from swerving on active sidewalks and protect pedestrians.

“The city worked with local residents and business owners to gather feedback on a plan that will improve pedestrian safety, update curb regulations and reduce conflicts,” the statement said.

Construction of the project is expected to take three weeks.

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