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“Cheaters Don’t Like to Get Caught” • Missouri Independent

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Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday in Detroit sharply criticized former President Donald Trump over his 34 convictions last month for hush money payments to an adult film actress ahead of the 2016 election and said his actions were “disqualifying.” .

“Donald Trump openly tried to overturn the last election. And now he is openly attacking the foundations of our justice system,” according to pool reports, Harris said at the Michigan Democratic Party’s annual Legacy Dinner in Detroit.

On Saturday, Harris traveled to Michigan to attend two fundraisers, the first of which was held at a home in Ann Arbor. She also stopped by the Black Stone Bookstore and Cultural Center in Ypsilanti with actress Octavia Spencer and was greeted by the crowd. Both Harris and President Joe Biden have made a point of visiting Black-owned businesses during their trips to Michigan.

“Just look at the facts. “Over six weeks, a jury of 12 Americans heard the evidence,” she said. “His counsel actively participated in jury selection. He actively made decisions about which witnesses to call and question. And the jury came back with a unanimous decision. Guilty on 34 counts.

“Do you know why he complains? The truth is that fraudsters don’t like to be caught,” she added.

Harris condemned Trump’s attacks on judges and witnesses and said he planned to “use a second term to exact revenge.

“Simply put, Donald Trump believes he is above the law. “This should be a disqualifier for anyone who wants to be president of the United States,” she said.

In response to Harris’ remarks, Victoria LaCivita, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign in Michigan, said in a statement: “The American people have seen this trial for what it is – a rigged political witch hunt orchestrated by the failed Biden campaign.”

Biden was last in Michigan in May, where he was the keynote speaker at the NAACP’s annual dinner in Detroit, while Harris campaigned in Detroit this month at an event in which he touted the administration’s achievements regarding African Americans and the auto industry. Last month, Trump held a rally in Saginaw County where he promised and touted mass deportations Roe v. Wade knocked over.

Harris also addressed the war between Israel and Hamas, which has sparked dozens of pro-Palestinian protests in southeastern Michigan.

“Before I begin, let me say a few words about this morning, which I know is weighing heavy on everyone’s hearts,” Harris said in Detroit. “On October 7, Hamas brutally massacred 1,200 innocent people and kidnapped 250 hostages. Fortunately, four of these hostages were returned to their families this evening. We also mourn all the innocent people who died in Gaza, including those who were tragically killed today.”

Biden is trying to negotiate a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as the eight-month conflict has killed about 1,200 people in Israel and more than 34,000 in Gaza, according to the Hamas-controlled health ministry. The Associated Press has confirmed that nearly 23,000 people have died in Gaza.

According to the pool report, Harris’ speech was interrupted by a female protester who stood up, shouted at her and was removed from the ballroom. There were also pro-Palestinian protesters outside the event.

“I value and respect your voice, but I’m speaking now,” Harris replied. “…We have worked every day to end this conflict in a way that will keep Israel safe, bring home all hostages, end the continuing suffering of the Palestinian people, and ensure the right of self-determination, dignity and freedom for Palestinians.” As President Biden said last week, it’s time to end this war.

This article was originally published by the Michigan Advance, a division of States Newsroom.

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