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Celtics star Derrick White will be looking to extend his contract with the franchise this summer

By meerna Jun12,2024

The second tax apron introduced under the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement will make it increasingly difficult for teams to pay significant contracts for many key items.

However, according to a report by NBA insider Marc Stein, this is not stopping Celtics defensive forward and key Celtics player Derrick White from seeking a contract extension this summer.

Even though stars Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday are temporarily locked down and Jayson Tatum is scheduled to receive a $315 million extension this summer, White and the Celtics will return to the negotiating table to keep him with the franchise for a longer haul.

“Keeping their top five players together long-term will become increasingly difficult (due to cost) for Brad Stevens and the Celtics this coming offseason when Jayson Tatum signs a $315 million contract extension after Jaylen Brown made nearly $290 million extensions last summer,” Stein wrote. “We also have to take into account that Derrick White, according to league sources, will seek a contract extension this summer.”

As for the Celtics, even though they face significant future tax penalties, owners are motivated to reach a deal with White. According to a separate report from All-Defense’s Brian Robb, the All-Defense guard has become a key figure in Boston’s playoff run thanks to his stifling defense and sharp shooting. Live mass.

While the new CBA poses many financial challenges to building a roster, it is clear that the Celtics want to make the most of their championship window with stars Tatum and Brown entering peak form. This means paying for your important role, even if the financial consequences are severe.

By meerna

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