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Another Mavericks player shot at the Boston Home fans for some reason

By meerna Jun12,2024

The Boston Celtics are 2-0 over the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals after winning the first two games of the series at TD Garden. While Boston lost two games at home early in the playoffs, Boston is still 8-2 at home after going 37-4 in the regular season and is on track for the best record in the NBA.

Why were they so comfortable at home? Well, some may think it’s because the Celtics have such a good team, but others may point to those incorrigible Boston fans who gave the team such a huge home court advantage. There must be something to it after they posted one of the best home runs records in NBA history, right?

EVIL! At least that’s the answer you’ll probably get if you ask anyone on the Mavericks who keeps talking about how unimpressive the Garden crowd was when Boston won the first two games of this series. On Tuesday, it was Dereck Lively.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was that loud,” Lively said. “There are a lot of rumors about Boston being so loud and nasty, so I thought it would be worse. Just knowing that makes you want to go out and perform in front of your home crowd.”

This came after Kyrie Irving said he thought TD Garden would be louder in the first game. Again, Dallas lost both of these games, and Irving’s quote was placed on the scoreboard during the second game.

The most important question at this point would be: who cares? What does it matter how rowdy the crowd was when you lost the first two games of the series? The Mavericks weren’t impressed with Celtics fans, but were they impressed with Celtics players? Those who collectively scored more points than them in the first and second games?

These are the questions the Mavericks will have to answer if they don’t take advantage of their home crowd over the next few nights.

By meerna

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