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The Pasaquan Art Gallery is provided by Columbus State University

By meerna Jun11,2024

The entrance to Pasaquan, a vibrant artistic community created over several years by Eddie Owens Martin, known as St.  EOM (pronounced

How to describe Pasaquan? Its proponents at Columbus State University call it a “fake pre-Columbian psychedelic wonderland.”

Nestled among the trees of rural Buena Vista, Georgia is this 7-acre spectacle, featuring six buildings with interiors decorated with vibrant murals and over 300 feet of carefully painted masonry. The design is a mixture of pre-Columbian cultural and religious symbols of Mexico, Africa and Native Americans with motifs inspired by James Churchward’s book “The Lost Continent of MU”, which tells the story of a mythical lost continent.

Georgia’s unique website was created by an equally unique man named Eddie Martin Owens, whose eclectic story is told on the Pasaquana website.

According to reports, while suffering from a high fever in 1935, Owens had a vision from a supernatural being who told him to change his ways and follow the path of the new religion of Pasaquoyanism. Owens agreed, changing his name to St. EOM, pronouncing “ohm” and became the world’s first Pasaquoyan. He spent 21 years in New York developing this spiritual belief system and creating the Pasaquoyan aesthetic.

By meerna

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