Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Tennessee man (unnamed Morgan Wallen) arrested for throwing drinks at police from the balcony of a downtown Nashville bar

By meerna Jun11,2024

Don’t worry, it wasn’t him this time.

Of course, when you see a headline about someone throwing things off the balcony of a bar in Nashville, your first thought will probably be: Morgan Wallen after his a loud chair-throwing incident at Eric Church’s bar earlier this year.

But this time Morgan is clean.

A man from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, near Nashville, was arrested during this weekend’s CMA Fest for allegedly throwing drinks at police from the second-story balcony of another Broadway bar, Honky Tonk Central.

According to Scoop: Nashville, 28-year-old Daniel Hudson threw a drink at police downstairs, and when they were hit, officers went to the bar to try to find the perpetrator. That’s when other customers noticed him, and officers reviewed surveillance footage to confirm he was the one throwing the drink.

Hudson was ultimately arrested on two counts of assaulting an officer. (I think he escaped the charges Morgan faces because the drink didn’t weigh as much as the chair).

Ultimately, Hudson’s bail was set at $3,000, and he was granted pretrial release based on the charges.

I’m not sure what would possess someone to do that… I mean, those drinks on Broadway ain’t cheap. It probably cost more than the chair Morgan was throwing at that moment, especially in a bar like Honky Tonk Central.

By meerna

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