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What kind of supply chain are you looking for in Columbus?

By meerna Jul11,2024
What kind of supply chain are you looking for in Columbus?

Cincinnati has two Publix grocery stores. The Dayton area has a Buc-ee’s.

With so many new chain stores opening in the Buckeye State, The Dispatch thought it was time for one of these popular stores to open in Columbus.

After all, just a few years ago, Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain Sheetz began expanding into central Ohio, with plans to open 50 stores in the region by 2025. A lot can change in just a few years.

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Buc-ee’s, a Texas-based chain of large travel centers with gas stations and convenience stores, is known for its clean bathrooms, cheerful mascot, Buc-ee the beaver, and Buc-ee’s nuggets, which are sweet corn chips covered in caramel.

The closest Buc-ee’s restaurant to Columbus will be in Huber Heights, near Dayton, where construction is expected to be completed in late 2025.

The chain currently has 60 planned or operational locations in the South and Midwest.


Florida-based Publix is ​​a chain of employee-owned grocery stores operating primarily in the South. They are known for their “Pub subs,” the store’s name for deli sandwiches.

The company operates 1,376 stores across the United States. The closest store to Columbus will be in Cold Spring, Kentucky, where construction of the store is expected to be completed at an unspecified date.


Like Sheetz and Buc-ee’s, Philadelphia-based WaWa is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores. Their big-box stores serve food to order and are more like a grocery store than a gas station.

WaWa has more than 1,000 stores operating throughout the East Coast and South. It doesn’t have any near Columbus, but the chain announced last year that it plans to open 60 stores in Ohio over the next decade, starting in Cincinnati.

What kind of burger is this?

Based in Texas, Whataburger is a fast food chain popular throughout the Lone Star State. They serve burgers, chicken, salads, and wings.

Whataburger has more than 900 locations, 648 of which are in Texas. The chain has not announced any plans to move to the Midwest or Ohio.

In-N-Out Burger

California’s In-N-Out Burger is a fast-food chain known for its “animalistic style” fries and burgers. The animalistic sauce is technically on their secret menu, but it’s probably the world’s worst-kept secret.

In-N-Out has more than 400 stores in California and the Southwest. The company has not announced any plans to move into the Midwest, but it plans to open stores in Nashville, Tennessee, in the next few years.


Portillo’s is a Chicago-based fast-casual restaurant chain serving classic urban cuisine such as Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef.

The chain has more than 80 locations, mostly centered around Chicago and Illinois, but is slowly expanding east into Ohio. The closest location to Columbus is in Indianapolis.


Zaxby’s is a Georgia-based fast-casual restaurant chain famous for its chicken fingers, wings, and sandwiches.

There are more than 900 Zaxby’s stores throughout the South and Midwest. In the 2000s, there was even a Zaxby’s in Columbus, but it closed in 2008. The closest store is now in Indianapolis.

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