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What happens if Safeway stores in Colorado are sold?

By meerna Jul11,2024
What happens if Safeway stores in Colorado are sold?

DENVER (KDVR) — Albertsons Companies and Kroger on Tuesday released a list of stores they plan to sell if their proposed merger goes through. The list includes 89 of the 103 existing Safeway stores in Colorado.

The companies have agreed to sell the stores to C&S Wholesalers, but the sale and merger have been blocked for now by lawsuits.

If the merger had gone through, what would have happened to those 89 Safeway stores?

The Safeway name will not change

According to information about the plan released by Albertsons and Kroger, C&S Wholesalers will license the Safeway name in Colorado after the sale. That means all 89 Safeway stores will continue to operate under the same name and will not require a rebrand.

However, 14 stores not included in the sale will have to change their names.

Some store brands may change

Some own brands are included in the sales plan, but some are not.

Debi Lilly Design, Primo Taglio, Open Nature, ReadyMeals and Waterfront Bistro will be sold to C&S Wholesalers as part of the deal. C&S Wholesalers will also have access to continue selling two other brands, O Organics and Signature, following the sale.

Albertsons also owns three brands — Lucerne, Value Corner and Soleil — but they were not mentioned by name in the published information.

Buyer promises no store closures or job losses

According to information released about the sale plan, C&S Wholesalers has promised that no stores will close due to the merger and that all frontline employees will remain employed.

The company also announced its agreement to maintain all applicable collective bargaining agreements for unionized employees.

Kroger and Albertsons also promised not to close any of their stores because of the merger, which would include all King Soopers stores in Colorado, as well as 14 Safeway stores that were not included in the sale plan.

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