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Top Rated Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis in 2024 Research Report Published by Doctor Marketing, MD

By meerna Jul11,2024
Top Rated Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis in 2024 Research Report Published by Doctor Marketing, MD

Doctor Marketing, MD’s Review Growth Index (RGI) ranks the 10 highest-rated plastic surgery practices in Indianapolis, Indiana based on an analysis of more than 3,000 online patient reviews from 156 medical practices.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2024 / Indianapolis is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the Midwest. The Review Growth Index (RGI) from Doctor Marketing, MD revealed which cosmetic practices in Indianapolis made the list in the first quarter of 2024. After analyzing data from more than 156 medical practices and 3,218 online reviews on Google, Top 10 Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Indianapolis stand out for their patient satisfaction ratings and number of online reviews. The top 10 account for 1,663 Google reviews and 51.76% percent of all online plastic surgery reviews for Indianapolis plastic surgeons. With an average of over 166.3 patient reviews per practice, these surgeons demonstrate surgical excellence that sets them apart from the rest. Indianapolis patients share their positive cosmetic experiences from thousands of reviews. For those consumers who want the best cosmetic enhancements in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, these 10 practices represent the best of the best for Indianapolis residents (indianapolitan) to select from.

Indianapolis Top 10 Plastic Surgeonsbest rated in Indianapolis, Indiana. There were ten plastic surgeons in the top 10 plastic surgery practices in Indianapolis in the first quarter of 2024. Data was compiled by the Review Growth Index (RGI) and is based on the number of Google reviews received as of 11/30/23. Image Source: Respective Indianapolis Plastic Surgeons. Illustration: Doctor Marketing, MD.

“Our marketing agency collected comprehensive Google Review data from 156 plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery practices in Indianapolis, IN. The top-rated top plastic surgery clinics in Indianapolis are comprised of the top 10 plastic surgeons in Indianapolis who have received a combined 1,663 patient reviews. Doctor Marketing, MD recognizes these medical practices and doctors in the Indianapolis area for their achievements in generating the most patient reviews and ratings based on patient satisfaction and quality of care.” said Marty Stewart, Chief Marketing Officer (Marketing director) PhD in Marketing, MD, one of the best marketing companies Down plastic surgery clinic marketing AND plastic surgeon content marketingand the Review Growth Index (RGI).

Top 10 Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Clinics in Indianapolis, Indiana

Here are the top ten:

Facial Plastic Surgery Hamilton: : 485 Opinions / 5 Ratings

-Dr. Mark Hamilton

Robey Plastic Surgery: 179 Reviews / Rating 4.8

-Dr. Ashley Robey

SHarper Plastic Surgery: 169 Reviews / Rating 4.8

-Dr. Stanley Harper

My Plastic Surgery Group: : 158 Opinions / Rating 4.6

-Dr. John Aker

Turkle & Associates: : 152 Reviews / Rating 4.5

– Dr. Janet Turkle

Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center: 132 Reviews / Rating 4.8

– Dr. Michele Zormeier

Michelle Jones Singer, Physician: : 123 Reviews / Rating 4.9

-Dr. Michelle Singer

Christopher Jones, M.D.: 122 Reviews / Rating 4.8

-Dr. Christopher Jones

Chernoff Plastic Surgery: 80 Reviews / Rating 4.7

-Dr. Gregory Chernoff

Emily Hrisomalos MD Facial Plastic Surgery: : 63 Reviews / Rating 4.9

– Dr. Emily Hrisomalos

Review Growth Index (RGI) Top Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, Indiana in Q1 2024

Google Review data for the first quarter (Q1) of 2024 was collected through November 30, 2023 to determine top rankings for Indianapolis, Indiana (IN). Below is a detailed data review from Doctor Marketing, the MD Review Growth Index (RGI):

  • A total of 163 plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices in Indianapolis, Indiana were identified through Google My Business (GMB) profiles and Google Maps listings for Indianapolis.

  • After removing duplicates, 156 plastic and cosmetic surgery practices/clinics remained. (Note: Some doctors are in private practice under their own name and are part of a larger medical group operating under one name, so they are listed twice and have therefore been removed)

  • 3,218 online reviews on Google for all plastic surgeons in Indianapolis (as of 11/30/23).

  • 88 medical practices (53.98%) posted at least 1 review online.

  • 75 medical practices (46.01%) had no online reviews.

  • The average rating of all facilities was 4.57 stars.

  • The average number of reviews per practice was 36.56.

Statistics exclusively for the top 10 best practices in Indianapolis:

  • A total of 1663 reviews for the top 10.

  • This amounted to 51.76 of all reviews combined.

  • 166.3 is the average number of Google reviews per office in the top ten.

  • Star ratings ranged from 4.6 to 5 stars, with an average of 4.78 stars.

About the Review Growth Index (RGI)

This Growth Rate Review (RGI) by Doctor Marketing, MD is an innovative indicator developed specifically for the healthcare and medical industry, with a focus on the plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments sector. This tool aggregates public data from major review platforms like Google Reviews to create a comprehensive assessment of a doctor or surgeon’s online reputation and performance.

RGI analyzes the number of patient reviews a surgeon receives, star ratings, and patient satisfaction scores. This provides potential patients with a reliable benchmark to select qualified, reputable physicians or surgeons with confidence.

It also serves plastic surgeons by analyzing patterns of patient feedback, enabling them to refine medical services and clinical approaches. Overall, RGI acts as an industry benchmark for excellence based on real-world patient outcomes and experiences. Its insights help match discerning clients with surgeons who provide exceptional care and results.

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