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Thousands of people take part in Ultimate McKay’s Road Trip

By meerna Jul11,2024
Thousands of people take part in Ultimate McKay’s Road Trip

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A big challenge was planned for Tuesday’s business anniversary, and no one expected the lines of people to participate.

“They line up for a mile!” said Anthony Simpkins, looking at the cars lined up outside McKay’s Nashville. “They drive back and forth and back.”

“This is better than we expected,” Dwayne Pate added as he and his crew waited in a long line to get in.

“All kinds of nerds, man!” Anthony said. “They came for the event of the century. The 50th anniversary of McKay’s.”

“It’s a great source for used media, books, CDs and DVDs,” Dwayne added.

For the anniversary, many did the same thing Dwayne’s crew did. They started at McKay’s in Mebane, North Carolina, stopped in Winston-Salem, drove to Knoxville, to Chattanooga and ended in Nashville. They had to leave early to visit all five McKay’s on a 570-mile route. It was called The Ultimate McKay’s Road Trip.

“You get $800 in store credit!” Anthony said of the challenge of visiting all five McKay’s locations last Tuesday. “I get a million and fifty cents worth of CDs!”

“This is going to take a while,” Claire Whitmore said, handing her daughter Christine a puzzle in McKay’s.

“We were supposed to take our granddaughter to Iceland, but that didn’t work out, so we treated her to a trip to McKay’s instead,” laughed Claire. “We made it to all five. We survived. We lived to tell the tale.”

The surprising level of interest in McKay’s Ultimate Road Trip caused some problems, as 23 people treated for heatstroke waited in long lines outside the Knoxville McKay’s. It closed early.

Some who made it to Nashville said they had to attend the 50th anniversary of McKay’s. The venue has long been a celebration of the things people love, and sometimes the people who taught them to love those things.

“My nanny is obsessed with Elvis Presley,” said one man, holding up a photo of his grandmother next to an Elvis vinyl record. “Old Betty Jean, I call her! That’s my nanny!”

“We’ll probably never have the opportunity to experience something like this again,” Dwayne said.

“Do you think you will always remember this trip?” I asked Claire.

“Oh, heavens, yes!” she replied. “It’s one of those stories that will live on in the family history. It was just overwhelming. It seemed like the perfect thing to do; us and three million other people!”

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