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Testimony: Suspect in Columbus, GA murder did not fire gun

By meerna Jul11,2024
Testimony: Suspect in Columbus, GA murder did not fire gun

A local judge upheld a murder charge against a suspect despite court testimony suggesting the man was not the shooter in the murder case.

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A man charged with murder in a downtown Columbus shooting did not fire the shots that killed one person, a police officer testified Wednesday, but he will still face charges after his district court hearing.

The shooting occurred in a parking garage at 1000 Broadway shortly after midnight Sunday and ended in the death of 21-year-old Quentin Scott Jr.

Brandon Day Jr., who appeared in court Wednesday, was arrested and charged in Scott’s death, according to police.

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Corporal Bobby Jackson of the Columbus Police Department testified that a verbal argument occurred in a crosswalk in the parking garage prior to the shooting.

In addition to Scott’s death, two other people were injured in the shooting. One of the shooting victims identified Day as the shooter, according to Jackson’s testimony Wednesday. However, other evidence showed Day was not the shooter.

Evidence showed Day started the argument and pulled out a gun but did not aim or shoot after the verbal argument, Jackson testified. Jackson said Day and one of the victims argued, and the victim was out of jail on bail after allegedly shooting Day’s sister.

According to Jackson, Day was disarmed by someone who was there with Scott, and video footage of the incident shows the gun falling to the ground.

Jackson said at that point someone else pulled out a gun and shot at Scott’s group.

Day turned himself in to police, Jackson said. He told police he thought someone in the argument had a gun in his waistband, so he pulled out the gun to show he was armed, according to Jackson.

According to Jackson’s testimony, Day, being a soldier, legally possessed the weapon.

Judge David Ranieri recessed the trial to seek clarification on the murder charge. Meanwhile, Day’s attorney, Mark Shelnutt, spoke privately with prosecutors about the charge. Despite testimony suggesting Day did not shoot, Ranieri found probable cause to send the case to a higher court.

In his closing argument at Wednesday’s hearing, Shelnutt said the charge had “no merit” based on testimony given Wednesday.

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