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Recent CMS Graduates Celebrate Commencement in Charlotte

By meerna Jul11,2024
Recent CMS Graduates Celebrate Commencement in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Recent CMS graduates celebrated “Hallmark Day” as they entered adulthood by donning their Charlotte caps.

“Nobody makes that kind of money,” said recent graduate George Wilson. “It’s a great opportunity for young teenagers like me.”

The graduates are part of a growing trend among students choosing work instead of a traditional four-year college degree.

Last fall, 61.4% of high school graduates enrolled in college. For many of CMS’s former students, that’s not ever going to happen, but it’s probably not now.

“I wasn’t quite ready to just go,” Raegan Hull said. “Let’s not waste time and money, let’s just see what else is out there,” she said, “and I really wanted the administrative help, so the fact that the city of Charlotte was able to get it was really great.”

Others have chosen careers with the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), CharMeck 311 or the Human Resources Department. Because offer upfront assistance with paying tuition fees.

“They pay for my tuition, too,” said Wilson, who will work for CDOT. “Two years, why not? It helps my mom, it helps me, so I feel like it’s a great opportunity.”

“I would go to college in the future,” Navaeh Kirby said, “but right now I think a job would suit me.”

The new employees are also children with COVID-19. Many were in eighth grade when the pandemic hit and high school began online.

“I knew school just wasn’t for me,” Kirby said, “high school was pretty demanding.”

The thought of another four years of uncertainty may seem terrifying.

“Some people say, for example, if you take on debt, you might not get the job you thought you would get when you went to college for four years,” parent Tanisha Siler said.

For these students, the choice was certain until they decided what their lives would look like.

Some have already started, while others will be starting their first day at work next week. It’s safe to say their excitement level is beyond words.

“He’s on top of it,” Kirby said. “He’s really on top of it. I’m nervous at first, but I know I have the support, so it’ll go smoothly.”

The new hires were placed in the city departments of CDOT, CharMeck 311 and General Services.

By meerna

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