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Prince William’s Sweet Nickname for Princess Charlotte Goes Viral

By meerna Jul11,2024
Prince William’s Sweet Nickname for Princess Charlotte Goes Viral

The nickname given to Princess Charlotte by Prince William has been met with praise from fans after footage of a rare public event attended by all three royal children and Kate Middleton went viral on social media site TikTok.

In footage of the Wales family’s visit to the ‘Back to Nature Garden’ at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, which Kate co-created, William can be heard calling out to his daughter, with fans and press noting his touching nickname: ‘Mignonette’.

In French, the word, derived from the word “mignon,” can have multiple meanings, including “delicate” and “sweet.”

User @dearesroyals posted a clip of the flower show to TikTok on July 8. It appears alongside several other videos showing William bonding with his nine-year-old daughter.

Charlotte has often been seen at her father’s side at official events, holding his hand or asking him questions. Recently, the couple recorded short video clips to send to the England women’s national football team when they were playing in important matches.

The TikTok clip, titled “William’s Nickname for Charlotte” and “Their Relationship as Father and Daughter 😭🤍”, has been viewed more than 100,000 times on the social media platform so far, as well as receiving more than 11,000 likes and numerous comments, many of which praise the royal duo.

“The bond between them is love worthy🥰,” one fan wrote of the clip.

“Best father and daughter,” wrote another, and in another comment, he wrote: “Prince Philip called the QEII (Queen Elizabeth II) a ‘cabbage’ so mignonette is a huge step up! 😂😂.”

Newsweek They contacted Kensington Palace by email for comment.

Prince William, Princess Charlotte and Prince George
Prince William, Princess Charlotte and Prince George pictured in Wales, June 4, 2022. Footage of William and Charlotte has been met with praise from fans online.


Since Queen Elizabeth’s death in 2022, Charlotte and her siblings, Prince George (10) and Prince Louis (6), have become more publicly visible, moving one position closer to the throne in the official line of succession.

The princess is currently third in line to inherit the throne, but is likely to move up if her older brother George has children.

Since their grandfather, King Charles III, ascended the throne, George, Charlotte and Louis have attended numerous high-profile events, including his coronation at Westminster Abbey in May 2023.

This year, the children have been less visible in the public eye, as Duchess Kate found out she has cancer and began preventative chemotherapy.

The entire Wales family were present at Trooping the Colour in June, with Kate making her first official appearance since receiving the news that she had cancer.

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