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Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Cheeziest Moments as Page and Bridesmaid

By meerna Jul11,2024
Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Cheeziest Moments as Page and Bridesmaid

Over the years, the Prince and Princess of Wales’s two eldest children, 10-year-old Prince George and nine-year-old Princess Charlotte, have appeared in the spotlight numerous times at public events.

They have had the honor of performing at numerous wedding receptions, the most prestigious of which was their uncle, Prince Harry,’s wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018.

Those who have been following Trooping the Colour this year will know that the children of Wales are no stranger to making faces. While six-year-old Prince Louis takes all the credit for being the hilariously rebellious youngest child in public, George and Charlotte have had their moments too.

Join HELLO! and relive George and Charlotte’s sweetest moments as bridesmaid and page boy – and also their cheekiest!


Welsh twins at Princess Eugenie’s wedding

Princess Charlotte and Prince George were bridesmaids and page boys at Princess Eugenie’s wedding

Princess Charlotte looked lovely with a pop of colour on the waistband of her white dress. Her brother completed the back with a belt to his blue velvet trousers


George can’t contain his excitement

George was in a cheeky mood

George was seen in the chapel at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, where he couldn’t hide his excitement. He covered his mouth with his hand and opened his eyes wide, expressing joy.


Funny faces

George showed his cheeky side

Prince George couldn’t help but make a funny face as he stood alongside his cousins ​​Mia and Lena Tindall and Savannah and Isla Phillips on the steps of St George’s Chapel ahead of Eugenie’s big day in 2018.


Leading role at Pippa Middleton’s wedding

The Princess of Wales led the children

George and Charlotte were seen ahead of their aunt’s other page boys and bridesmaids, led by their mother, the Princess of Wales, following their ceremony at St Mark’s Church in Engelfield in 2017.


The Perfect Page Boy at Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

Prince George was so cute at Pippa’s wedding

The cutest boy at the party was Pippa’s nephew, dressed in a white T-shirt and sage green trousers, holding a basket full of confetti to scatter on the pavement after the ceremony.


Pre-wedding stress

Prince George was only four years old

Little George looked uneasy about his important role in the ceremony and gave a comical impression as if he was not impressed by what his mother had told him to do.


Full of joy

Princess Charlotte had a moment of comic relief while entertaining her mother, who shared the moment by laughing gleefully.


A little sneeze

Charlotte sneezed!

Princess Charlotte couldn’t help but sneeze as she stood with Kate on the steps of St George’s Chapel following the wedding of her uncle, Prince Harry, to Meghan Markle in 2018.


Royal gesture at Sussex wedding

Kate, Princess Charlotte and other bridesmaids arrive at St. George’s Chapel

Princess Charlotte wore a beautiful white gown designed by Ajay Mirpuri surrounded by a gorgeous floral display and waved to well-wishers alongside Ivy Mulroney and her mother, as well as Meghan Markle’s close friend Jessica.


Tongues out!

Princess Charlotte waved to the crowd while sticking her tongue out as she drove to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

Having perfected her royal gesture, Charlotte did what every three-year-old would love to do with cameras everywhere – she cheekily stuck out her tongue at the passing crowds.


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