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Philadelphia couple turns Louisville into a city of water ice

By meerna Jul11,2024
Philadelphia couple turns Louisville into a city of water ice

Rodney and Tonya Daisey, a couple originally from the Philadelphia area, own Philly’s Best Frozen Desserts, a water ice cream and dessert shop they operate in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since launching in 2018, they’ve gone from renting space as part of a kitchen incubator project to a store, a special events truck and food and beverage outlets in four of the city’s stadiums and arenas, writes Rita Giordano for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Whenever people come here from the East Coast, they walk in the door very unsure,” Rodney Daisey said. “I know what it’s called,” they say, “but is it the real deal? I say, ‘I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you. Try it yourself.’”

“We always get approval,” he added.

The store offers about 20 rotating flavors. The entire back wall is filled with Philadelphia references, including Reading Terminal Market, LOVE Park, TastyKake, Eagles, 76ers, Temple, Rocky, SEPTA and more.

Water ice has become a sweet discovery for locals and an unexpected delight for East Coasters who happen to stumble upon the store.

The reason the Daiseys opened the store was simple.

“Every once in a while we want some ice, but of course we can’t find it,” Rodney said.

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