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New traffic lights installed in Columbia County

By meerna Jul11,2024
New traffic lights installed in Columbia County

Newly installed traffic lights at the intersection of Harlem Grovetown and Old Louisville streets went into flashing mode on Wednesday.

When the signals are activated, drivers will see yellow flashing lights on Harlem Grovetown Road and red flashing lights on Old Louisville Road, according to a Columbia County news release.

According to the message, a flashing yellow light means you should use caution at the intersection, while a red light means you should stop before reaching Old Louisville Road.

The rules are in effect until the signals are fully operational, according to the county. Weather permitting, the signalized intersection will go into full stop-and-go mode on Monday.

“Information boards will notify travelers of upcoming signal changes,” the county wrote in a statement. “Please exercise caution as this is a major change at this location.”

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