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New Public Housing Complex Opens on Indianapolis’ East Side

By meerna Jul11,2024
New Public Housing Complex Opens on Indianapolis’ East Side

INDIANAPOLIS — Two-thirds of the state’s highest earners lack access to affordable housing, according to a study by the group Prosperity Indiana.

A complex that recently opened on the east side of Indianapolis aims to fill that gap.



The city and CVS Pharmacy investor say housing is healthcare, and Saint Lucas Lofts will follow that lead.

CVS donated $10 million to help build a housing development.



“If you don’t have a safe place to sleep at night, how do you take all the medications that you need to take? How do you see your doctor? How do you make sure your kids are vaccinated,” said Anne Crees, vice president of sales and account management at CVS Health. “So we really believe that the foundation of all health and wellness is a place to call home.”

Not having a place to call home was a reality for 19-year-old Pearl Brown. At 18, she was homeless and pregnant with nowhere to go.



“Me living in different places with my newborn when he’s premature,” Brown said. “I was just struggling, trying to understand why I was homeless at 19 with a newborn.”

Ten of the 48 units at Saint Lucas Lofts on the Near East Side will be designated for teens like her. Rent for the remaining 38 units is based on the tenant’s income.



People earning 30-60% of the median income are eligible.

“It’s kind of like a sliding scale for the 30 percent of units that are the lowest income level. Rent starts at $400 a month, which includes everything except electricity,” said Abigail Lane of Englewood Community Development Corporation.

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The maximum price per unit is $1,100.

Teens like Brown say it’s a step in the right direction and something much needed.



“I don’t think these jobs pay well enough for us to support ourselves,” Brown said.

The apartment complex provides residents with social services, including mental health support, food banks and health care.



About a third of the units are still available. For more information on leasing options, call 317-210-0175.

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