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MLB All-Star Week Countdown in Arlington – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

By meerna Jul11,2024
MLB All-Star Week Countdown in Arlington – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Dell Matthews has a passion for baseball and is involved in the sport through his role as Vice President of Baseball Development for Major League Baseball.

With All-Star week underway, Matthews is looking forward to events like the HBCU Swingman Classic, the All-Star Softball Game, the All-Star Futures Game and the home run derby contest.

“My father played in the major leagues for 17 years. I had a brother who played here in Dallas for the Rangers. So it’s incredibly special for me to carry the torch,” Matthews said.

Of course, all eyes in the baseball world are once again on Arlington, Texas, just months after the Rangers’ first World Series win. It’s been decades since the Rangers hosted an All-Star Game, but there’s more to it than just what the game can do for the city of Arlington.

“It opens doors, it opens eyes to new possibilities. It’s a chance to realize dreams,” Matthews said. “Baseball is a generational game, passed down from fathers to sons and mothers to sons.”

It’s no surprise then that MLB youth academies also take part in the week-long celebrations.

Jean Lee Batrus is the executive director of the MLB-MLPA Youth Development Foundation. She said the foundation’s goal is to ensure the game reaches everyone who is interested.

“We’ve seen the cost of access to the game increase over the last 20 years, which unfortunately has a major impact on underserved communities, and we need more representation and a diverse player base in our game,” she said.

She added that the goal of events like the HBCU Swingman Classic is to raise the profile of young players.

“This is a diverse group of young men who otherwise would not have the opportunity to perform on a national level, kicking off a televised All-Star Week,” Batrus said.

Matthew said protecting “America’s favorite pastime” also means honoring the great men and women who paved the way.

“We definitely want the next generation to embrace this idea and hopefully follow in their footsteps,” he said.

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